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Thread: Lobbies not showing up

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    Lobbies not showing up

    Last night I was trying to find a specific lobby and I could find. Made sure I had no filters. After hitting refresh a bunch of times it finally appeared. Click on the wrong one and when I went back it was no longer listed. Had to refresh a bunch of times again. Host confirmed the lobby was up with people in it during this time. One thing I did notice was every time I was hitting refresh the number of lobbies that appear on the top left corner was changing drastically. So for example I would see 50 available lobbies hit refresh and see 80, refresh again and see 40, again and would be back up to 80. So I don't think all the lobbies were being created completed all at the same time. It appears that for some reason I'm not always seeing every available lobbies. And yes I double check and have no filters. Any ideas what can cause this?
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    Check your Steam ping filter.

    The better result for me is medium values (500-1000). Probably you will see less lobbies but are more reliable and the list is more stable.
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