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Thread: Automobilista 2

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    In my opinion the AI still suffers from the main pC2 problems.

    1) They are super slow the first lap
    2) They are inconsistent, that is they are very fast in some corners but almost always have one or two corners where they are super slow.. thus you always end up overtaking them there and it kills all immersion
    3) They still go bananas when you drive really close to them.. usually slowing down and behaving erratically

    .. yes, the severity of all this varies between track and car make but ALL the traits can be seen at some level in any combination.

    Overall: AI is absolutely mediocre at best. A very far cry from the AI in AMS 1 which is superb and literally has none of the above problems (except they can be a bit slow into the first few corners, but not anywhere near the same level as AMS 2 the whole lap).
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    We did some online racing tonight, to check the progress preparing for possible AMS2 leagues in the short future. Well, FFB is back to awesome now, we did not have any issues anymore with lag collisions, physics just makes sense (except still for wall collisions), available liveries are more or less enough, gfx and sound is great, in general it's shaping up extremely well. Admittedly, including some more popular tracks would had further helped a lot as well.
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