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Sorry about the swearing.

At Zaskarspants
When I say the wheel turns heavy I mean really heavy. Maybe realistic on really old cars. But I doubt a BM
Wm6 with servosteering feels like a tractor in real life when standing.

About the oscillating. I drive a impreza wrx and yes if I go 150 kmh and let the wheel go it might start slightly oscillating. But please show me a car in real life where the wheel starts oscillating like a wild elephant when going 20 kmh or even standing. If you have enough time on your hands go for the Jack Spades thread and read trough it. Someone there explained really good that the root of the weirdly oscillating on some cars is caused by breaking mechanics and can't be fixed with ffb tweaks.

At this point I'm not sure if you just a hardcore fanboy or just never have driven any real car.

Anyone who defends pc2 ffb is just out of his mind.

At rolo

I asked about the wheel because the weight and diameter change the feeling of the ffb. Smaller wheel means strongefeedback. Heavier wheel means less feedback.
I use the porsch918 wheel wich is on of the lightest. Maybe the forza wheel is a little bit heavier. Also ffb is a little bit of personal preference.

Yesterday night I use this setup for an hour...

Sometimes I have problems to feel when the rear end loses traction (it tends to move the wheel to the opposite side where it is sliding) and when the front tires are losing grip (starts feeling a bit looser and more understeer, looser).

What would happen if I +/- the DRI? or + the SPR to 10 or 20?

I'm wrong in what should be set?

I read the full Jack Spade thread and this, and in both, they talk about the mess with the FFB and the breaks.