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Thread: Strange retirement in LeMans 24h

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    Strange retirement in LeMans 24h

    I finally repeated 100% AI full distance Le Mans 24h race.
    A year ago I tried GTE, but with damages off and it was a lot easier even though my AI teammate was much slower than me. This time AI was 2-3 seconds quicker.
    But what was strange during this race was leader retirement. Take a look:
    At 1:07:23 leader called HAG disapears. Report after race says only "retirement".
    2 reasons I have in my mind are lack of fuel or accident. But both of them should cause significant loss of time for several seconds. What I see between 1:07:21 and 1:07:23 is a quick loss of 1.5s and that's it.
    But even though, he should stay on track for a while and be normally passes by other drivers.
    The place where he retired was in the middle of a straight after virage de Mulsanne corner.
    Did you have similar situations in your races?

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    If he had run out of fuel, he'd have just stopped and wouldn't be able to go further. I'd say that fuel is probably the most likely reason. Without seeing the car, nobody can really know.

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