Hi everyone, I'm in my career and, after winning the European WSCR, I'm at the WSCR world (Fuji + Dubai) in the GT3 class.
For the second time a really annoying bug happened to me: at the end of the race, when the time expires, the leader crosses the finish line and the dubbed ones all stop in the pits for a non-necessary stop, crossing the finish line when they are leaving the pitlane.
It is a very annoying thing because in a race where 1 stop is made, the result is false! I was third and I won just because the first two stopped. I had the test doing the IA's second stint: the tires weren't worn out and there was plenty of fuel, but it stopped to make the pit stop just before crossing the finish line.
Only this thing happened to me? Pass the desire to do Endurance races (2h and 4h) and see them "distorted" by a useless stop at the end of time.