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Thread: Thrustmaster T-GT

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    Thrustmaster T-GT

    Hi everyone, does anyone on here use a thrustmaster T-GT? If so could you share your settings? Everything I've tried so far has almost no feedback at all. Assetto Corsa Competizione feels good but PC2 barely has anything

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    I have a TS-PC which is essencially the same wheel. Are you PC or console user? On the PC I have the tm settings maxed out except foe centre spring and dampening which is zero. In game, it depends on the car but FX is pretty low and I used to use raw ffb with gain hovering between 60 to 100 and tone 50 changing it on a car by car basis to give me the right feel of weight. Ffb os quite good imho and although I never tried ACC, I find pcars2 on par with Assetto Corsa feeling a bit less caned but, lqcking sone infornation. I use a custom ffb fike nowadays and that improved my consistency as some misterious spins ceased to happen.

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