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Thread: Project Cars 1 & 2 on Xbox Project Scarlett

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    Project Cars 1 & 2 on Xbox Project Scarlett

    We all know how Xbox One X brought both games to life even better. PC1 basically runs at a flawless 60 fps on the X with no enhancement patch. On PC2, we get the enhancement patch that gave 3 choices & the game runs good.

    With the next Xbox dropping next year. This year at E3. Phil Spencer said all Xbox One games will run on the next gen console. That means on PC2, we can choose graphics or resolution & have a rock solid 60 fps. No more having to choose the framerate option.

    IMO, I think that's cool. We all know how games from the 360 or original Xbox run well on Xbox One/S/X. Your whole library will run as originally intended. Without the limitations of the OG Xbox One or S holding game performance back.
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