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Thread: Preferences all disappeared

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    Preferences all disappeared

    So I booted up PCars2 this morning and all my preferences were gone. Console hadn't crashed. No power outage. Everything was back to stock like the day I bought the game.

    Says I've played 0 hours. This horrified me until I looked up and saw it had in fact still remembered my S license and speed rating. I've had to reset all my graphics settings, camera settings, sound settings, HUD settings, Pit Stop Strategies. Thankfully all my custom car setups seem to still be there too so these are saved in a separate file I guess.

    Obviously when exiting the program last night a file got corrupted but is there any way to offload your saved config files from the Xbox so that they can be restored when this happens? I'm terrified I may wake up one day and find out I've lost all my custom car setups.

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