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    I'd also recommend watching some videos on YT about "threshold braking". Iracing has some great animated tutorials.

    After that, there are a couple of settings that will make it easier.
    Set brake bias to your wheel and adjust on the fly. If you're getting front lock, push the bias to the rear until you get rears locking.
    Also have a play with the brake sensitivity (under controller settings - mine is at ~35) and brake pressure (in car setup).
    Thanks onve again for your efort...
    After all videos, and tries with breaks bias etc...i think my problem is, when i release the breaks, somtimes in the same corner besides i think im pressing the amount or releasing the same amount, the car isnt breaking and go of...sometimes its the oposite, i lock the weels and if i someone in front hi hit the guy or overrun it...dont konw how to explain better...but major thing is practicing more and more.
    one more thing, i like to watch oders guy replay or in game monotoring while they are qualifying and in som good playrs theyre breaks points are closest to the corners than me...incredible
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