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Thread: Logitech gaming software and PC 2 settings

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    Logitech gaming software and PC 2 settings

    I have some questions regarding the interaction between the Logitech gaming software I have for my G290 and some of the settings in PC 2.

    Logitech has an adjustment for wheel sensitivity and centering spring. Does the wheel sensitivity setting override the steering sensitivity setting in PC 2 ?. If the box to enable centering spring is checked in Logitech does this override the centering spring setting in PC 2 ?

    Also I was wondering if there are some settings in PC 2 configuration settings that do not affect the wheel. I am wondering specifically about speed sensitivity and controller damping.

    I looked at a Yorkie video on FFB settings and he strongly recommended that gain be set at 100 for pc users and then adjust further with volume setting to avoid clipping. Does this make sense ?

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    i use Logitechs gaming software version 8.96.81 with my logitech G29 which is the sister to your Logitech G920 i think you meant because any time i use any of the newer versions it screws every thing up and i have to switch back

    i use the stock force feedback settings with force feedback at 50% i dont like the wheel shacking like a Jack hammer
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