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Thread: How to use all the settings files you saved if you forgot to backup the default.sav

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    How to use all the settings files you saved if you forgot to backup the default.sav

    Hello everybody,

    Probably an already posted one, and quite noob question, but I cannot quite find the proper answer with the 2 or 3 variables I will explain.

    Long story short:

    1 - Was in Windows 7 + Oculus Rift DK2 + Thrusmaster T500RS with JackSpade files (probably V3.0.1) *1

    2 - Is now in Windows 10 + same hardware with JackSpade files (V3.1.1)

    3 - Forgot (because I didnt know it; my bad) to save C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\********\234630\local\project cars\profiles\default.sav
    But I saved C:\Users\******\Documents\Project CARS


    It seems no matter the way I run the game on my Documents files or I overwrite them after a first run with my backup; they are not taken into consideration in the game.


    How to have the game to open directly all the settings from Documents I saved and restored normally ?

    Is there a button In game or a way I missed to be absolutely sure all the .xml files are taken into consideration ?
    Because now it seems all defaulted each time I try. *2

    Thanks for your future answers and sorry if my questions are strange. (And sorry for my english.)

    Have a nice evening.

    (and I do not remember exactly the settings in game, but they were done on a 2 years like period, and when i was happy I didnt change them for month.)

    I tried it before formatting and going to Windows 10, and I had this very satisfying sensation of control and feeling of the car around myself, you can have in VR + JackSpade when well setup ...

    Like FFB settings, Controller settings, VR settings and all the hundreds of faders and boxes I didnt remember what I put in.

    PS: Maybe I am totally wrong; and so just a part of the settings are just not taken from .xml files and folders in Documents. And I will need to redo all buttons settings; graphical settings; VR ... ect
    So if you know, tell me just which one I need to redo in game menus. THX !

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    default.sav has all the controller settings, career and loads of other stuff in it.. bascially if you deleted it without a backup, you won't get back to where you were (the same folder also has all the replays and some other stuff). The Documents folder really only contains the graphics settings.

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