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Thread: G29 No FFB [solved]

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    G29 No FFB [solved]

    Hey new to PC2 tried with a controller and was no good so after reading a few reviews went all in for a Logitech G29. I am using Oculus VR on PC and initially could not get the wheel to work. Still not 100% sure of what to do. I have USB 2 and 3, USB 3 nothing seems to be recognised. PS3/4 switch on the wheel PS 4 does not seem to allow the wheel to calibrate. Then if I launch PC2 from Oculus home the wheel does not work, I have to go to my steam library and right click start Oculus VR.

    Now I can with all those rules in place USB2, PS3 and launch from steam get the wheel to calibrate and then once i map the brake that too works, but I get no FFB at all nothing across all the modes raw-custom and makes no difference where the sliders are.

    Does anyone know steps to debug this wheel/software combo please.

    ############## SOLVED #####################

    So my wheel only works with USB2 and only in PS3 selected on the switch at the top - the light is on next to PS4 though??

    When connecting the wheel to Windows 10 the wheel is detected and Windows says its ready for use - its not (at least not in my case). When searching for drivers the only file that was shown in the logitch support site was "Logitech G hub" this does not appear to help in any way. Scroll down the support page and you can select OS, this then shows a whole load more files all in a seemingly meaningless order. however one of these is the "Logitech Gaming Software" the version I have is 9.02. This "autodetect" PC2, however when testing the profile my steering wheel has no visible effect, the buttons however do register. Anyway back in the game re calibrated and now I get FFB


    1) If you dont have the power connected then when you pug the wheels USB cable in it will turn but will stop at 90 degrees. With power it turns full lock one way then the other and then re-centers.
    2) Without the "Logitech gaming software" the wheel will work but you get no FFB and the clutch pedal is not recognised.
    3) Extremely poor documentation (I got nothing!) for what is an expensive bit of kit - Logitech should be ashamed.
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