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Thread: V311 PXN wheel setup in ps4

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    V311 PXN wheel setup in ps4

    Can anyone one help me with setup for PXN V311 racing wheel in Ps4 Gran Torismo Sport. I have runout of ideas after try all settings listed. Thanks you

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    Is it supported in GTS? I bet it isn't. Many of these cheap wheels IF they work in a game only work as a controller rather than a wheel where turning the wheel is interpreted by the PS4 as moving the left analogue stick.

    I think you are wasting your time. Also this is Project Cars forum.
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    you can get the manual here

    you must use D-Mode for Non-Supported Games
    then it acts as a Controller.
    Then you use the Games Controller Set up

    The Manual says, you Hold the MODE button down for at Least 3 seconds to Switch Modes from X mode to D mode or from D mode to X mode.

    X mode the LED is Green
    D mode the LED is RED

    good luck.
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