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Thread: Ferrari FXX K Evo in action

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    Quote Originally Posted by REXPITVIPER1 View Post
    when the Ferrari FXXK, and Evo came out you couldn't even sell the car, and you can't get a FXXK delivered to your actual home... it's not road legal anywhere, you can only get it delivered if you have a Collection, or have it listed under Ferrari's FXXK program.
    As I said, that’s largely a myth.

    And as for selling...

    There are some reports stating that the owners are obligated to keep the car for an agreed upon time, but that’s not the same as not being able to sell it. Besides, the only enforcement of such a clause would be to blacklist the seller from buying Ferraris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregow View Post
    As I said, that’s largely a myth.

    I remember when the Fxx was announced, Clarkson and Co on top gear were having a good laugh about Ferrari keeping the car they sold you.
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    I wouldn't care if FXX-K Evo is not street legal, I would ride only at race track!
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