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Thread: IP address question

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    IP address question

    I've run into some forum user who seems to have an IP address that starts with 246. When I look this up on Google, it tells me that this would be an experimental IP address, used for research. How then would this forum user get such an IP address? Or is this some kind of IP spoofing?
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    It's a class E adress so it should't be used in normal circunstances, because as you said is experimental range. I don't think any ISP use it for his coustomers, because probably they'll have problems, but perhaps some Univertity or similar could use it. But how that IP ranges are not populated can be used by hackers/spammers for don't have conflict with other real IPs. I usually block traffic to/from classe E in corporate Firewalls because there shuden't be traffic with that class IPs.
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    Could be a bogon address mate, I have seen thousands over the years but not from that octet.
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    How would I see someone else's IP adress and why would I need or want to see their IP address? Then why or how would I block them?
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