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Thread: Telemetry broadcast / UDP sending

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    Question Telemetry broadcast / UDP sending

    I have some questions about the telemetry broadcast out of a PS4. I've used a couple of tools (ProjectChief and StoopidChallenges LapUpdater) and while they do connect, the data output seems to be slow and non-continuous. It seems to end up 10-20 seconds behind what's actually happening on my screen. It also (I'm still checking on this) seems to drop my PS4 from being online when it is broadcasting telemetry. I'm assuming there's something in my home network that is interfering with proper operation, but I have some questions to help figure this out.

    Is it correct that with proper operation that a client would be synced in real time with what is happening on track in my PS4 (as opposed to lagged which is what I get)?

    What does the frequency setting mean in the PS4 menu item? I've had different tools request different numbers there.

    What are the network settings that may interfere with the UDP broadcast from the PS4?

    Would it help if my PS4 were hardwired instead of on wifi?

    Thanks for any and all help. The telemetry broadcast seems like a great feature and I'd love to get it working reliably with my setup.

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    I'm by no means a network expert, but my guess is that your router is having a hard time with all the UDP packages.
    Hardwired is very much preferred.
    The frequency setting sets how often the PS4 should send packages. 1 is actually the highest setting, ie send packages often, and 9 means send packages less often. If you have issues with lag, you can try to send packages less often, so set it to a higher number.

    If everything works correctly, the lag should be very small, not really noticeable. Try hardwired, for both PS4 and the computer running the UDP client, and see if it gets better.

    Yeah, telemetry gives great opportunities. You've already found two of the best applications, imo. (edit: I assume you meant CrewChief, not ProjectChief. If not, check out CrewChief immediately)

    If you like tuning, or want to learn about tuning, check out Awesome program. Or if you like general Time Trials, check out my little project, called Project Calc, see my signature for info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chmashdejare View Post
    Would it help if my PS4 were hardwired instead of on wifi?
    Yes x100.
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    Iíve read that broadcasting project cars telemetry specifically (maybe just PS4 / Pro) can cause serious network slowdowns or online race drops. FYI broadcasting is when you send the data to multiple devices. You can send the data to one device and I donít think it is nearly an issue, if at all. Just leave broadcasting OFF and enter the information for the device you want to receive. For me itís my phone and the IP address can be found in phone settings. Use port 20777.

    Also, the app I use (DashPanel) sometimes has a problem connecting if Iím not in a race/practice/etc. If yours is the same wait until youíre in the car before starting the app and it never fails to connect.

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