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Thread: Pit crew offer very little support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keena View Post
    Yeah its not too difficult. Im not particularly bright when it comes to software stuff but I followed the instructions closely and watched a few youtube vids about it. In my opinion its well worth the effort as now I simply say "box this lap" followed by "strategy 1" or whatever number my chosen strategy is and its done. So much easier and in VR damn near essential. I have it running in the background on my pc and its fine like that.
    I suppose I could use it to request car information but being on Xbox X I won’t be able to adjust pit strategy on the fly .

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    Quote Originally Posted by HedgeHeli View Post
    I am going to give it a try later this week. Just a quick confirmation when I looked at the post it said windows 8, I run windows 10 I assume it works on 10? Yes it does!
    Yeah Ive got win 10. Works fine. The trick is not to shout over the engine noise.. all my family can hear is me upstairs bellowing "box this lap" "tyre temperatures" and "Hows the car"..

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