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Thread: Seriously, how do you load a ghost tune (Xbox One X)

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    Unhappy Seriously, how do you load a ghost tune (Xbox One X)

    I've seen lots of threads on here where people say they can't load ghost setups and the explanation always seems to come back to pressing X to check ghost setup.
    I've NEVER seen this option at all on any of the screens I see.

    This is the procedure I go through to receive a setup

    1) Go to time trial
    2) Select the car and track
    3) add a ghost. I normally add the highest one I see with the cog / tune available.
    4) start the race
    5) Enter the Tune option
    6) you get a message saying you've received a new setup and the "Share" button is in yellow.
    7) got into the share option and select the car you added as a ghost
    8) you are then presented with the screen where you can create a new setup
    9) save the setup, it normally prompts me with the name Ghost 1
    10) return to the tune menu and click load
    11) NO GHOST SETUP available.

    At no point do I see a "X" check setup as I've seen mentioned many times in other threads.

    Is my game broken in some way ?
    Am I just being a complete dunce ?

    Please help


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    Seems like you are doing everything properly, probably there is a bag in your game

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