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Thread: Got to GT4 and cars are all crazy loose? Soft slicks?

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    Got to GT4 and cars are all crazy loose? Soft slicks?

    Not sure if this is setup talk but I think here is best.

    In career mode. JRGT is pretty easy to keep the cars pointed forward and on the track while going fast. GT5 is the same. Get to GT4 and all the cars are crazy loose. I tested a few but ran the Ginetta in the career. Going into turns, the middle and exit. With both default tunes and even with my tune I can not get the rear to stay down. Even if I do get it somewhat balanced it's just a drift-show all the time. And forget racing in the rain. I finally found the only way to get the car to stick a little is to always run the soft slicks. JRGT is limited to all-weather and GT5 has only one slick choice. My understanding is the difference between soft and hard slicks is the operating temp only. So as long as the hard slick can get up to temp it should have the same grip as the soft slick? Is this true or no? Because it seems not true. The soft seems always better.

    At first I thought the GT4 are just getting more powerful and difficult but GT3 are easy on the default hard slick. Having GT4 in the middle of other well handing classes seems odd. I finally made it through the GT4 races on pure willpower alone but I'd still like to know.

    Side question that's not thread worthy: In time trial I see other racers' info including their tune. Some of the tunes are blank so I assume I can download the ones that aren't. How do I download/view their tune. PC version.
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