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Thread: APP to track user lap times (Local leaderboard)

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    APP to track user lap times (Local leaderboard)

    Hi all.

    I'm looking for an APP to help us out at work.
    We are hooking up a simulator rig for a period of 3-6 months and want to do a local leaderboard.

    We are looking for some sort of an APP where you can type in your name and race. lets say in a GT3 car on Nürnburgring GP track that stores the best lap time several different users, racing on the same user in PCARS2.

    Let's say we are 4 colleagues.... Adam, Bryan, Christoph and David.

    The simulator is running a GT3 session at Nürnburgring GP.

    Adams get fit into the simulator and should then type his name into the App, drive his lap and the lap should be stored with the name "Adam"... Next Bryan takes over the rig, and enters his name in the app.. And now his lap shows up on the leaderboard with his name...

    Does something like this exist?

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    I didn't find nothing for that, so I decided making my own. You can see it in this link:

    The app is made for my website, but I have no problem in send you the source code if you want, but you need some technical skills to make it working. First of all, you need a Project Cars 2 dedicated server. This app is based on sms_stats_addon. The app checks the log of the addon and saves data in a MySQL database (it also could be a SQL Server Express Database). Then, it builds a webpage with the best laps of each driver in every tracks. So you need the next material to have it working:

    - Project Cars 2 dedicated server
    - MySQL Database
    - Web server configured to use PHP 7

    You can host all of them in your own PC if you use wampserver ( Otherwise, you can use a free hosting like 000webhost(
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    This is very very nice!

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