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Thread: Club Sport Dash Project - 'SV Mapper' Problem

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    Unhappy Club Sport Dash Project - 'SV Mapper' Problem

    I have built a dash style button box for my Clubsport Wheelbase

    This is for a PC rig. My rotaries, buttons and toggle switches are wired to a Leo Bodnar BBI - 64 USB Card. Rotaries & Buttons work Fine but 3 of the Toggle Switches are Latch type i.e. Always ON not like buttons which are momentary ON. So don't work properly in PC2.

    Instead I have assigned them to the key emulator software 'SV Mapper' and given them a keyboard KEY which I have in turn assigned in game. The Keyboard works in game but the Toggle Switch doesn't which suggests the Game isn't seeing SV Mapper.

    SV Mapper creates an .ini configuration file. I have tried it in its installation folder, in the My Docs Project Cars 2 folder and the Steam Root Folder. None of this has given game access to the mapper!

    Does anyone know where this .ini configuration file should reside? Or what it is I'm doing wrong?


    Failing that know a Key emulator that does work with PC2 and the BBI - 64 card?

    I know I could switch the toggles to momentary switches but I'd like to get these Real automotive switches working if poss. before I give in!

    All help appreciated
    Many Thanks

    i7 920 O/C @ 4GHz
    Win 7 64bit AGV Antivirus
    NVIDIA GTX 1080
    Alienware AW3418DW
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