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Thread: CSPv3, v3 inverted, Heusinkveld or other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christiaan van Beilen View Post
    Hrm, just switch to putting the my pedals on USB instead of via the wheel. Reason being that the rumble motor doesn't work otherwise on the brake, and since I couldn't feel lock-up in the wheel I wanted an extra sensory trigger; that being the rumble motor on the brake pedal.

    Anyhow, here's the strange thing I noticed. The force feedback on the wheel seems to have less latency to it but also seems to have a higher precision to it now, just like the pedals are more precise.
    I never really noticed it before but I am wondering if at least for the CSWv2 there just isn't enough bandwidth via its USB 2.0 connection. I doubt moving the shifter to the USB dongle that I still have would matter, but I am getting pretty curious.

    I also noticed a spiky sensor on the clutch again, cleaned the magnet with alcohol to remove dirt and metal shavings and that works fine again. Than there was the brake sensor that would act weird because I used a USB hub, so deleted that and that resolved that. Also had a disconnect when using the USB hub.

    Again, I think these modern input devices are really working on the limits of at least USB 2.0 bandwidth and thus sharing isn't an option anymore. Also adding USB pci-x cards to the system isn't an option because of the lack of pci-x lanes on consumer systems. Yet modern motherboards only have 6 usb ports. What the? Who only has 6 USB devices nowadays.

    That's at least an update on the pedal woes. I just thought it might interest some of you that removing the pedals actually improves the force feedback. I don't know if this also applies to more modern Fanatec gear like the CSWv2.5 or Podium series, but who knows?
    The rumble(gas and brake) worked for me on my v2.5 which had the pedals connected through the base. I didn't like the rumble, so I disconnected the rumble cables. Didn't test it with the DD1 though. Could it be that the v2 doesn't support rumble through the base?

    Extra FFB fidelity(and latency) sounds nice though, so I might give the seperate connection a try. Might finally solve why I'm at least as fast on my old systems using a G25 and T500. For instance I couldn't beat my T500 time in AMS in single speed karts on the Londrina track(in the same MP session) with my DD1. I always blamed the size of the wheelrim(although mu modded T500 is comparable). I somehow seem better at slight corrections with the T500, no matter what I change. Sure the CSW v2.5 and DD1 feel better but I can't shake the sense that not all is better with them. This might be the reason.
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    No, as I reviewed and beta tester this gear I am 100% positive that it has worked and was supported.
    I already reported it to Fanatec on their community forum.
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