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Thread: Time diff to other cars correct in the game?

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    Time diff to other cars correct in the game?


    I have made my Telemetry tool for F1 201x games to work also with Project Cars 2. (If interested, you can search if from RaceDepartment with Telemetry Application 9.1, cannot post links due to being new here.)

    One of the features is the tool also provides very accurate time differences to other cars (with history view of these time diffs etc.)

    Now when I have been driving more with PC2, I have noticed, that the times reported by the race engineer (and the UI), are bit off from the time from my tool. E.g. in a 5 lap test race, the engineer reported, time diff was 15 seconds, when it actually was about 20 seconds. Then when the race finishes and you look at the times differences reported near the end of the race and what gets reported in the results screen, there is quite big different. Have others noted this?


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    Yes, the times shown in PCARS2 are often very wrong, not to mention some extremely buggy behavior when a car is sometimes just 5 seconds behind and it is shown as being 2 minutes behind, or even minus 30 seconds behind

    I had it on my mind to implement a proper time diff panel myself, but glad to hear you've already done it, so I can use yours instead! Please just post the link with spaces around the dot, this will allow you to make the post and we can easily adjust it.

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