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Thread: PC player having difficulty adapting to Xbox One controller

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    PC player having difficulty adapting to Xbox One controller

    EDIT: Partially solved.

    putting the TV in 'game mode' has reduced input lag significantly, but I am still struggling with the xboxone response to inputs: the game treats similar inputs much more violently on Xbox, and I am struggling to control the car while on PC I am confident of running 10+ laps without major mistakes


    Hi, I've got 50 hours in Project Cars 2 on PC and another 100 in Project Cars, almost all of them playing with a wired xbox 360 controller

    I recently moved and met a group in my new town who play PCARS2 championships on Xbox One, so I picked up a copy of the game to play with them

    However, I am unable to adapt to the Xbox One controller, even with the same settings as I use on PC

    For reference, my PC settings are:

    all assists (including opposite lock assist) off, manual gears on

    5 Steering Deadzone
    10 Steering sensitivity
    5 Throttle Deadzone
    30 Throttle Sensitivity
    5 Brake Deadzone
    75 Brake Sensitivity
    65 Speed Sensitivity
    60 Controller Damping

    The Xbox One seems to experiences noticable input lag with its wireless controller, so I was wondering if it might be worth buying a long micro USB cable to try and minimise the lag.

    Any input appreciated, thanks guys
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