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    Fanatec Clubsport

    Hope you don't mind me posting here about Fanatec Steering wheel issues.

    I just ordered a new wheel, the clubsport v2.5 and v3 pedals with the xbox/pc universal hub. But I can't get it to work, it's very frustrating being such a premium product and they don't even send instructions (coming from plug and play logitech and thrustmaster controllers my rage is very high).

    Steps taken;
    Plugged everything in, wheel to pedals, wheel to power, pedal and wheel to pc.
    Launched Pro Cars 2 nothing worked
    Dowloaded 64bit v328 drivers.
    Launched game xbox button on wheel hub worked but nothing else.
    Opened win 10 game controller window, v3 pedals recognised and properties window opens, pedal tests work.
    Double clicking either of the fanatec v2.5 is unresponsive.
    Update wheel firmware, red start button changes to green
    Launched game nothing works
    Opened win 10 game controller window, v3 pedals recognised, fantatec v2.5 controllers disappeared
    'Cal' flashing on wheel, found instructions to recal wheel, all they said was press black button then press 2 buttons. Did that, cal no longer flashing although wheel is not center aligned
    Launched game nothing works
    Opened win 10 game controller window, v3 pedals recognised still missing fantatec v2.5 controllers
    Posted here.

    Can anyone help with my rage, so very tempted to return and get the t300.

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    You can download the manuals on the Fanatec website. Follow the instructions and you’re good to go. I did not experienced any problems when I got my wheel.
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    I had no problems on Xbox X with same kit.

    If you are on pc you need to be in pc mode, red power light, not green as you suggest above, that is for Xbox. On my GT3 McLaren wheel I press the big n button and y to swap modes between xbox, green, and pc, red.
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    Fanatec is sensitive with usb port quality (with some usb3 ports it don't works on some motherboard).
    Try to use usb2 or usb1 port, direct to the motherboard, no usb hubb nor front usb

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5318008 View Post
    Plugged everything in, wheel to pedals, wheel to power, pedal and wheel to pc.
    Do you mean you have plugged the pedals into the wheel base using the RJ12 connetor AND the pedals into the PC using USB, so you have two USB connections?
    If the pedals are connected to the wheel base then they should not be connect via USB to the PC as well.

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    I agree with Zaskarspants, sounds like your wheel is in Xbox mode instead of PC mode. To switch modes you need to press the menu button (looks like a bunch of rectangles) and Y button together (I think). As others have suggested you can download the Fanatec manual on their website and double check. Good luck.
    What line?
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