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Thread: Game became extremely slow, frame rates very low

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    Game became extremely slow, frame rates very low

    Hello all,

    I have played Project Cars 2 pretty much since it came out, on the same laptop, without any major problems. Since a few weeks, every time I try to play the game, it loads fine, the menus are also all fine, but when I actually want to drive, the frame rate is drastically lower than previously, the game runs very choppy.

    The problem is most likely with my laptop and not with the game itself, but I thought I would ask here, perhaps somebody can help. The laptop is a HP gaming laptop, and is running Windows 10. When I open the task manager, I can see that even if there is nothing special running, either the CPU, Memory or Disk are running near their capacity. Although I cannot say for sure that this is what causes the problem, but it wouldn't surprise me if this was the root cause. However, I have no idea as to what causes this or how to resolve it - other than a complete new installation of Windows, which I would prefer to avoid.

    Does anybody have an idea which steps could resolve this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The task manager should be able to show you what process is hogging your resources

    Have you ran a full virus scan?
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    Thanks for the tip. I have done a complete virus scan, it did not show any threats.

    When I open the task manager, it is always some kind of background process that seems to take up a lot of resources, but I haven't managed to recognise any patterns, at it seems to change. So does, whether it is the memory, or the CPU or Disk which is running near its limits.

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    Maybe the CPU/GPU is throttling due to higher temps. This can happen when the openings, heatsink and fans get clogged with dust, etc.
    What line?
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