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Thread: I thought i am good... coming from PS3 Gt6... now i am dead last all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobychau View Post
    what do u guys think about Asserto compare to PC2 ? are they both similar in terms of Sim racing? Also on Xbox1.
    Yes, they are similar in terms of sim racing and level of realism. They have different tech under the bonnet (mainly the used tyre model) and they feel different because of visual representation and Force Feedback (which often is mistaken for physics modeling), but their intention of delivering a true-to-life driving/racing experience is the same. It's mostly personal taste, some prefer one over the other, many like both for what they offer.
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    I have the PS4 and PC version of both Assetto Corsa and PC2. AC on PS4 seems to bear little relation to the PC version, whereas PC2 is quite consistent across all platforms. I think you'll find PC2 more rewarding once you get the hang of it.
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    Start by learning to drive the car and track like you would if it was your own , then learn how to race it.
    Be smooth and consistent and the lap times will hopefully come.

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