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Thread: Refund Requested from PC2 for Season Pass

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    Refund Requested from PC2 for Season Pass

    I have requested a refund for my $30 Season Pass from the people at PC2. The game is not playable on my 2 month old xBox One S. I tried doing a quick race tonight at both Fuji and Hockenheim and the view was so choppy that I could not finish my out-lap. I purchased the game new from an eBay seller for $13 and am willing to eat that. This game does not work on OG xBox One S-30 fps and crappy graphics during game play and replays is not acceptable. I was expecting graphical performance on par with Forza 7, and nowhere on the PC2 website is it mentioned that gameplay will sub-standard on an XB1S.

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    You have to request the refund where you bought it. Around here, no one can help you. Even SMS can't because they don't handle the distribution or sales.
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