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Thread: hori rwa steering issue

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    hori rwa steering issue


    I have bought my Hori RWA this summer specifically for this game as a "supported" cheap wheel for VR. It was working fine until a patch about 3 weeks or so ago when the steering changed. Instead of seeing axis Z or Y (can't remember exactly) it is showing thumbstick left-right. (in the edit assignment section)That is very problematic since if I steer right 20 degrees it steers ingame depending on speed. If I am going slow it is like a full 180 or if fast barely 10. Long story short the customer service is quite lacking and I can't figure out how to make the game see it as a different input. I tried the "guides" and other threads, nothing is related. I am really annoyed since I can't bring the wheel back now since the buyback period has expired.

    Please help me.


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    The last game patch was 3 years ago.. so whatever changed, it wasn't the game itself. You could try changing to keyboard as the controller, quit and restart the game and then back to the Hori, to see if that brings it back to the original config. If you had a windows update causing this, it might be something you need to talk to the people who supply the wheel. And the effect you are referring to is called speed sensitive steering, you should be able to turn it off in the settings.

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