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Thread: BUG? AI takes over in online multiplayer

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    BUG? AI takes over in online multiplayer

    It did not happen to me, I only witnessed it, but I thought I would report it anyway.

    So I was in a public online multiplayer, GT3 in Road America, 5 laps, license limit (U100 I think), mandatory pitstop with manual control in pit lane, maybe 7 or 8 drivers, I do not remember exactly. I'm pretty sure no AI drivers.

    Everything was OK, there was a close pack in the front: P1, 1-2 seconds, me, ~3 seconds, P3, and then a big gap to the rest.

    All three in the pack went to do the pitstop on lap 4/5, and emerged from it in the same order (though I was a bit closer to P3 now, I am not too good with measuring my braking for the pit lane).

    Once we got out from the pit lane, P1 became weirdly slow. I first thought he left his pit limiter on, but he wasn't that slow. But he braked for T1 very early, and we both passed him easily, and went to win the race, me in P1 and former P3 in P2. Former P1 dropped almost to the back.

    What he said in the chat is that AI took over full control of his car after the pitstop. And what I saw was consistent with that. Unfortunately I did not save the replay.

    Has anyone seen this happen before? It was very frustrating to him, as it would be to anyone.

    The only other thing that looked a bit unusual was that P3 (finishing in P2) was pretty competitive but his rating was about U700. But that's probably unrelated.

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    In the ICM you can ask for driver swap during a race. When you do it, in next pit stop AI takes the control of the car. Probably he changed something for the pit stop and unintentionally also changed the driver swap option. It's not very strange doing that while driving and turning the wheel at same time. To recover the control of the car you have to ask for a driver swap and make another pit stop, but obviously that penalizes you for doing 2 pit stops.

    Never heard about that happening without changing the option.
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    ok, thanks. maybe he forgot to select a quick no-fuel no-tires stop and was fiddling with it in the race

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