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Thread: Unable to Save Tunes and Replays

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    Unable to Save Tunes and Replays

    Hey everyone.

    I've recently had an issue where I'm not able to save any new tunes and replays.

    The error message says:

    "Failed to save tuning setup. the total save data size used by the application has exceeded the maximum allowed size of 1 GB. Do you want to retry the save?"

    I still have 80 GB+ left on the PS4. Am I going to have to delete my replays and photos from the game to save new ones?

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    On my PS4 I'm not able to save more than 2 replays (same error message) so I'm erasing one of them before a new race

    About setups.... never had that error message but I know that you can save max 50 setups for each car

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