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Thread: I want a career mode that mimics what Billy Strange is doing with GTR2

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    I want a career mode that mimics what Billy Strange is doing with GTR2

    Check this out guys. SMS, check this out.

    To be honest, I've never played GTR2. I don't know what the career mode plays like out of the box. But GTR2 was made by SMS devs. They know how to make this type of career mode.

    I think Billy Strange might be setting up individual races to recreate a realistic career. But then, maybe not. I really don't know. But I want to experience what he's doing. I hope SMS sets up something like this, out of the box, with the AI balanced as best as it can be, so that the user earns that sense of accomplishment. So that he/she knows that the accomplishment belongs to the user, and not an unbalanced AI - one where to "win", you just lower the AI. And that as the user rises in tiers, the AI gets harder.

    I hope they go this route. And not just a list of races - which has been my critique of the current career mode for a while.

    EDIT - it is self-made. So, I hope SMS goes through the task of creating something like this. You don't need XP points. You don't need artificial arcady stuff. It can be more than just a list of races.

    It can be realistic, organic, and fun.

    EDIT 2 - he goes really deep into the financials stuff - so I'm gonna be a hypocrite here, but I wouldn't find that too enjoyable - which is precisely the problem - trying to please everyone - I get it.

    I think the basis of being a professional driver - where all you worry about is doing your best in whatever team your employed by - is the right approach - but the structure of how one goes from tier to tier, that's the one that what Billy Strange is doing could be very good reference
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    Very good post. And I find it great you are giving such constructive things. And yes I agree with you.

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