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Thread: Logitech G Challenge finals

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    Logitech G Challenge finals

    Somewhat surprised no one has mentioned this. It did manage to attract over 10,000 twitch viewers in the early hours of Sunday morning European time which can't be too bad for a "dead" sim who's primary audience is European.

    The live format means re-starts due to technical issues are annoying and the delay getting the reverse grid was also frustrating - at least if you watch the recording you can skip these bits. I liked the four race format. In principle I like the idea of the "celebrity" race where you have a mix of real racing drivers, sim racers and others, though in practice the race wasn't anything special. Perhaps more practice before the race or perhaps a more familiar circuit than Sugo? The live stewarding was also a nice touch with cut tracks typically over-ruled. Taking the contestants for a hot lap session in real GT3 cars was a nice reward for them IMO.

    Overall I enjoyed watching this. Even if the racing field wasn't as closely matched as for SMS-R, there was some nice clean close racing.
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    Yeah, that's fantastic to watch, such great production! PCARS2 is not a dead sim at all, still a lot of leagues going strong, many public lobbies available everyday, too. If it wasn't for its several problems, I am sure it would had actually been really huge by now...

    Btw, sorry for the shameless plug, but some of those very very top drivers will be competing in a league starting this week with some other extremely fast drivers, and I am so very excited that I will be also part of this as well!

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