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Thread: Ghost mentor app for time trial

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    Ghost mentor app for time trial

    If you like Time Trial sesions with ghosts you may be find this app useful. I use this app to determine where I lose the time to the top ranked ghosts.

    Short explanation:
    The gaps to the ghost are calculated and displayed in the map. After each lap the gaps are recalculated and the map will be updated. The zoom slider adjusts the map accuracy. With the gap slider you determine the size of gaps that are displayed. This app also includes a distance difference display: The driven distance of the last two seconds is always compared to the driven distance by the ghost and difference is shown in the display. This is a very good indicator where you lose your time, although we have only limited data from the ghost.

    • The full functionality of the app will be achieved after the first time trial lap.
    • This app is a spin off from Pock Race Trainer and supports the same track list.

    If my explanation is not clear you can just try the app for a few laps with a ghost, then you will understand what I am trying to say.

    Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility. Enjoy the variety and have fun!

    Download Link: Ghost Mentor 1.0

    In the two pictures you will find the necessary information to use the application:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    How can I install it?

    I like time trial (the translation of the option is Against the Clock... my Game is not in English). I like the option to download up to 3 ghosts.... BUT... I remember one of the nice features of Gran Turismo was that your ghost was updated with the fastest lap, so your ghost updated + another 2 ghosts would be great... This with what I understand what you developed would be awesome

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