Hi everybody. First post, I searched the forum (and the web), but couldn‘t find anything: My HUB will only show a limited number of “Live Edit Messages”, i.e. those short info texts that indicate you pressed a button to increase/decrease FFB settings, move break bias or messed with the differential on the fly.

As a matter of fact, the only message I ever see is “break bias -“ or “break bias +”, while almost all videos on YouTube etc. show something more useful like “increase break bias 56/100”. Force Feedback (e.g. volume) won’t show any message, even though the value will change — essentially, I’m editing blind, and since the values stick, I always need to check my Setup in the box, just in case I accidentially pressed a button...

My setup:
PS4 Pro, Thrustmaster T300, Open Wheel Add-on. I assigned the buttons on the wheel to various edits, so no button box or such.

Is this a known issue on PS4, or is there a setting somewhere? I already tried fiddling with the “live edit messages” option in the HUD edit screen, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance, happy driving. :)