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Thread: Wish Pcars2 have real mirror rendering

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    Wish Pcars2 have real mirror rendering

    In Pcars2 mirror, All the interiors and car frames are passthrough and shows very very clear view, which is not realistic.
    So in something like ferrari and lamborgini cars, when you look back in VR, actual rear view of car is very narrow but in rear-view mirror, it's very clear.
    Of course real mirror rendering all three mirrors in car, require more resources and some people may don't like this. So I wish Pcars2 have real mirror rendering as a option in video setting. Or in Pcars3.

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    F1 20XX shows the bodywork in the mirror, but it ends up being a bit useless (you could argue that it's realistic, but as there's no VR, you are missing 3D cues around you). Live for speed has the best mirrors I have ever seen in VR, you can even see your own head bobbing up and down (but if you look too closely it's disconnected from your body, although disconnected body parts is common in VR).
    I believe the original reason for not drawing the car bodywork was due to performance optimisation so they had to make a compromise decision. At least we can adjust the angle so that it looks pretty close to what you would see, albeit minus the body panels. In 2017 hardware wasn't generally powerful enough to draw the front view and three rear views simultaneously from what I remember.

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