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    I have install
    Pcars telemetry V 014d.64bit(have also try other versions), app show as version e
    Ps4 pro for project cars 2.
    Chinese Window 7 64bit profressional

    The problem is that I cannot load any map(map pack) when I record session from ps4 pro. But I can load the map if I open the “session file from the forum”. As I generate a map from a self-record session, a file with filename “.ttm” appear at the map folder(this map can be reuse). So ,I copy and paste a map file(from map pack) , and rename it to “.ttd”, map can be loaded now(BLANK FILENAME is made by rename the file as ”.ttd.” . But everytime I change a track , I need to copy and self-rename a “.ttd” file.

    When I recording, “driver, class , car , track” at the “session info window” become empty, this seems the app cannot capture the above information, so the session just want to match a map file with blank filename.

    Anyone has the same problem? My method at least can use the app . It really awesome! Any method to solve the problem? Or can I write LUA script to fix it?
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