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Thread: Some expectations from PCARS3

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    Some expectations from PCARS3

    Car sound:

    Please make them sound like the real thing. Not muffled and low-quality samples with distortion or other cheap effects added to make them sound like actual cars. Unique transmission sound for each car - please not the "clunk clunk" GT-race car trans effect for nearly every car. The tire screeching sounds, on-grip and off-grip effects, really need an improvement. I feel sometimes the tires aren't doing anything. AC has superb tire squeel effects. Also wind noise and road noise need to stand out - they are hardly audible. Reverb needs to be a part of the game not an afterhouthgt. I don't know about PC but at least on Xbox One, reverb is hardly there, whereas there are so many places around tracks where my exhaust should be reverberating like crazy.


    These are great already but hopefully none of that nonsense from PCARS1 and 2 like flickering shadows, negative camber not showing up on front cars, petty but annoying stuff like that.


    You guys are off to a great start with both games - but hoping that PCARS3 will not sway toward simcade or partially arcade to appeal to the masses. Spend extra time getting the performance charactertics down for each car - notably, aero, suspension and steering/countersteering and particularly tyre physics need major improvement. Borrow the best elements from Assetto Corsa please!

    Car variety:

    Gosh, how I'd love to see more road car variety. Far too many race cars.


    Well, now that Codies owns SMS, I see great things in future. Hopefully, tuning menu will have better descriptions and maybe we'll see even a more comprehensive tuning menu. Can't wait! Make the racing more exiciting possibly? With better camera angles and replay views (already great) and more feeling of being one with the car (again, already great), but room for improvement.

    Spend extra time optimizing it for consoles please - many people will still be on Xone-X!

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    This games that make me discover the world of motor racing in general. I think you have a good point but on the other hand I like racing cars than street cars.
    if I will have 2 points to improve the online system, if I play with a transmission in h and that others are in automatic or the cockpit view and others in pursuit or without help and other all the help.
    I would like to have a small point bonus if I force myself to play as much as possible to play in real simulation.
    yes and something else please a yellow flag safety car.

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