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Thread: Catalunya National in F5 car

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    Here's an app version of the book I love about race craft and setup... it's the second edition from 2015.

    It's this book from Michael Krumm - Driving on the Edge (The Art and Science of Race Driving)

    You can find it here:

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    Christiaan's Pure FFB (latest version: v1.06 (date: 14-01-2020)):

    Nicknames elsewhere on the web (incl. Steam, XBN, PSN, etc): LogiForce or LogiForce86

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpcdem View Post
    Oh, and set autoclutch to off, because now you have it enabled and this is losing you a few tenths in every lap, because of slower upshifts (it's the way it is designed in this game).
    Thanks for this. This shaved a lot of time off on itís own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Splitter View Post
    Thanks for the feedback and putting the video link in, I appreciate it!

    As to your questions. I'm a relatively new sim driver, I got a G29 for christmas and only have around 11 hours with it. For the FFB I'm using the default which is informative.

    I love the general feedback you've given, I can well believe my racing line is far from ideal, but do you have anything specific to point towards in sector 3? No matter what I seem to try, I'm always really behind in that sector.

    My braking could use a little work, I can be a little heavy on it sometimes which ends up with me skidding, so instead have been braking softer, which means earlier. I'm sure this'll come with practice.
    Hello Splitter, im fairly new to Sim Racing too, and braking was one of my main issues.
    Try to mess with the brake settings, you should be able to brake closer to the corner than you think; it happened to me.
    If the back of the car skids try to move the brake bias towards the front brakes, that helped me a lot wit the Formula Rookie Car.

    As i said im a rookie too, but i hope my comments are useful.

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