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Thread: Request of advice for PS4 and t150 owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex1234 View Post
    Ops, sorry
    No worries.
    As for your issue, something is wonky I think. Can you upload a pic of your telemetry screen showing the ffb monitoring widget. Push X and screens cycle, it appears lower left of the screen and shows the game ffb output. Also post your settings and car used.
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    Calibrate the wheel correctly.
    Then try my ffb settings below.

    Gain 100
    Volume 40
    Tone 5
    Fx 10
    G29 FFB RAW 100-40-5-10

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    Hey all

    I have a problem with my T150 RS when I start the race my steering wheel is going nuts it turns on his own can anyone help me out with this problem I have the steering wheel on ps4
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