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Thread: PCars2 graphic optimization

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    Question PCars2 graphic optimization

    Since, both titles share the exact same engine, has anyone attempted to optimize PCars, using PCars2 graphic optimization.
    Both title are not supported anymore, so any changes would stay for a long time.
    All the tracks are the same between both title but a lot of cars did not make the trip and are still a blast to drive in PCars.
    The physic of driving is different, PCars2 is supposed to be more "realistic" and it probably is, but PCars is still fun to drive.
    Just a thought.
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    Ian said that the Madness engine has been rewriten entirely for PCARS2, so it's the same engine but different version and probably incompatible. Even the version of the engine that SMS delivered to Reiza for AMS2 is an evolution of the engine of PCARS2, further the changes that Reiza probably introduced to adapt it to they need.
    About the physics also has change, but don't know if it's by different parameters tuning or different coding in the engine. In example in PC1 there was a glue effect when two car contact that doesn't exist en PC2.
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