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Thread: How-To run FFB of Thrustmaster T-GT on PS4 (Warning: Thrustmaster T-500 required)

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    How-To run FFB of Thrustmaster T-GT on PS4 (Warning: Thrustmaster T-500 required)


    there is no official support but i figured out a fix and let you know.

    Compability mode ("Other") of Thrustmaster let PC2 recognize the wheelbase as T-300 which make FFB not work.

    The T-GT is better seen as T-500 by the game so i use both wheels to start the game.

    (All controller pluged off in PS4-Menu)
    1. Plug-in only T-GT in Comp-Mode, press PS4-Button on wheel, start PC2 with wheel.
    2. Go to Settings/Controls, Plug-off T-GT, now a lost controller message appears.
    3. Plug-In T-500 Base in same USB-Slot as T-GT before and press OK on wheel.
    (Now T-500 should seen as T-300 by game in settings UI)
    4. Start a single race with button of T-500 wheel.
    5. After loading race before start go to Options/Controls
    (Now T-500 is seen as T-500)
    6. Plug-off T-500 and re-conntect message appears again.
    7. Plug-in T-GT (still in Comp-Mode), press PS-Button and OK.
    (Not T-GT is seen as T-500)
    8. Run the game and FFB as normal from now.

    Need to be done every gamestart, game crashes if you dont follow every step, controller-settings go back to default every time but driving is very nice now,
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