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Thread: AI much quicker

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    Quote Originally Posted by PawelK View Post
    I think it is well established that the same AI strength setting translates to a very different ACTUAL AI strength depending on the track and car.

    I felt so good when soon after starting in PC2 I won with a field of 110% AI without much difficulty, and starting from Plast ( Then I tried other cars and tracks and the reality kicked in :-)

    One of many reasons why I don't like racing against AI and prefer online. I only like when AI are put among online racers and set to low strength, creating moving chicanes that force people to be more creative (
    The AI in R3E is not bad at all. I like it more than in Pcars. That said, I do like to race against AI because I don’t have the time to race online. If I know on forehand that I have a couple of hours time for myself, I would participate online. Sadly this is something I don’t know so I Leave the online races for what they are and enjoy the AI.
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    I've not found the AI at 80% or 85% behaving any differently than before when I was running the AI at 60. Maybe I've just improved, but they don't seem to have altered setups or anything.

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