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Thread: Reinstalling PCars 2 on OG Xbox one

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    Reinstalling PCars 2 on OG Xbox one

    I must have uninstalled and reinstalled this game about 5 times, in the hope that every time I’d come back I wouldn’t be as frustrated as the last

    Unfortunately am not, and this game on the OG Xbox one is still a complete mess

    Still selling the game in the marketplace without warning people that the game on the OG Xbox one has known issues that still plague the game that date back 3 years.

    Don’t care who’s fault it is but if you’re going to make a game it should at least be able to run fine in any conditions regardless of what the console is like, otherwise don’t advertise and sell the game on that particular system

    Not doubt gonna get comments saying “buy an Xbox One X, they are only 300 pounds” but that’s not really the point is it? The game shouldn’t be still in a disgraceful state on the OG Xbox one after all this time

    Anyone who’s even remotely thinking about buying this game still on the OG Xbox one don’t even bother, it’s the drizzling s**ts

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    When you get the next Xbox generation console later this year. If PC2 is backwards compatible. Then you won't have no more issues with the game. The next Xbox consoles will easily handle this game. Oh yeah..... Runs fine on Xbox One X
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