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Thread: PC2 Logitech g920 Wheel Clicking On Straights

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    PC2 Logitech g920 Wheel Clicking On Straights

    Okay guys I could really use some help. I'm on XBOX and I just got a Logitech g920 and was excited to finally get a. sim style racer (not many options for sims on xbox) So I started my career in the Ginetta Junior races. First race I had a blast, cars and FFB felt great. 2nd race was at a track that it was raining.

    As I leave pit for practice laps I start getting a small clicking sensation in my wheel. As soon as I get out on track the clicking gets really bad on straights. When in turning it goes away almost completely. It's not like the wheel is trying to rotate it's just like a horrible tight clicking. Only way to get it to stop is to turn my FFB gain down to 0 and drop most the other FFB sliders to under 20. Which at that point there is no feeling in the wheel and I feel like my wheel isnt even plugged in.

    So after experiments I did the same track and cars on a custom race from the main menu and I tried it with 0 opponents in sunshine and in rain and had no issues I could run my FFB all 50 or above. Then I did it with full field in sunshine and then rain and again no issues. I replicated the cars, track, and weather to match the career race on custom race and the FFB is amazing. On career it's just trash. So weird and weird that first career race was flawless FFB and then goes to trash. I'm really discouraged and hoping for any advice.

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    Did you find any solution? I'm in the same place with xbox one s and g920 wheel. Super frustrated. I found some settings that work on the first ginetta track just like you. Then I moved to the next track and everything was shaking for no apparent reason. Driving outside the track is 10 times smoother than on track... I just picked up the game yesterday. I've played it with the same wheel on PC before and I didnt have any troubles like these.

    I went for a quick race in the same car. I didn't replicate the environment but I played with the FFB settings. Google-ing examples of other players I tried 20 different setups. At one point, driving was finally smooth... for one lap. One lap without the weird shaking/clicking/jittering on straights and the next lap everything went back to complete garbage. This does not make any sense! I'm giving the game a last chance now and reinstalling to see if that would make a difference.
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    Out of interest, are you both using an original Xbox One? A friend of mine has similar problems with his G920 on the standard console. I'm running a Thrustmaster TMX on an Xbox One X with no problems. I'm under the impression that the strain PC2 puts on the hardware is the cause of various issues such as this. For example, just reducing the AI field in online games has eradicated a problem whereby two of my friends could not get heat into their tyres. Anything you can do to reduce demand on the CPU may help with problems you have. Unfortunately, with certain cars on certain tracks, my friend still has wheel shaking problems.

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    Literally been a problem since release, there is no fix it work around for career mode. Pretty much the only mode that'll work correctly is free practice and hot laps. Here's a part on it, check the date.

    Quote Originally Posted by grrrillapmp View Post

    Need help getting my wheel to stop shaking and wobbling.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Wobble starts at :20
    Shaking starts at :23

    Then they happen intermittently during the laps.

    Don't mind my driving, I'm terrible.

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    I'm having this problem as well, with the TMX pro wheel and Xbox one s. I haven't seen a solution posted on this, if anyone knows how to fix please let me know!

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