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Thread: PC2 Classes corresponding to Real Life Classes

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    PC2 Classes corresponding to Real Life Classes

    I have never been able to find a list that equated all the Project Cars classes to what their real life car class is; does anyone have such a list or link to one? (I have found where a list has been created linking the game tracks to the real life circuits and have really wanted to find the class list)

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    mm, from what I gather, pCARS2 does this better than most sims out there - at least the ones that aren't a dedicated F1 or GT3 series.

    Like, the GTE is very accurate - it combines WEC with IMSA, but it's accurate.
    lmp1, lmp2, same deal.

    GT3, GT4, same deal - all accurate representations of the class.

    GT1 - very much so. Group 5, Group C.

    other classes aren't as accurate - GTO class takes some liberties. Group A - technically accurate but irl the BMW were its own GrpA class.

    For the sake of gameplay I wish they had included a BoP toggle to even up the cars in each class - it'd be dope if they do this for pCARS3.

    But overall it's very accurate to irl, more so than Gran Turismo Sport - you get GroupCs in the same class as Lmp1s, and a Group3 class made up of some GT3s and other fictional race cars.

    AC had GTEs and GT3s in the same class - similar to pCARS1, actually - the GT3 class had the GTE Corvette and an old GT2 bmw. But I digress - overall, pCARS2 does a really good job at this.

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    Where is GTD in that classification?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olasnah View Post
    Where is GTD in that classification?
    The GTD class runs to the FIA GT3 regulations
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