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Thread: Project Cars 1 & 2 (all Xbox One games) will play on next gen Xbox day one.

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    Project Cars 1 & 2 (all Xbox One games) will play on next gen Xbox day one.

    For those of you that are very unhappy with how Project Cars 1 & 2 run on OG Xbox One & S. You will finally get to experience what those of us on Xbox One X & PC have been enjoying. Project Cars running nice & smooth. Regardless of the grid size or weather.

    Microsoft has confirmed on Monday that all Xbox One games will run on the next gen Xbox Series X day one (same for unannounced Xbox Series S). So your whole Xbox One library is fixing to hit the targets the developer had in mind for that game. No more gpu or cpu bottleneck for Xbox One games.

    Now, I'm going to get the Xbox Series X when it drops. I want the best. Just like when I bought Xbox One X. They haven't announced it yet. But there will be a Xbox Series S as well. That will be the lower end one. I'm pretty sure it too will run all Xbox One games flawlessly.

    Happy racing on next gen.
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    From what I've read, all the titles of previous gens will work, but don't know if it will take full advantage of the new hardware. Probably will perform as XBox X. Good news for OG Xbox's owners.

    BTW in today's PS5 presentation, Sony told there will be 100 titles of PS4 that will work on PS5 (but not all of them, so not fully compatible). Probably it will be necessary some update that requires an some work from the developer, and with the end of support of PC1 & PC2 don't know it will be possible. Let's see the compatibility list when avaliable.

    Microsoft is doing well in this aspect with full backwards compatibility.
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