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Thread: New router. issues with telemetry data.

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    New router. issues with telemetry data.


    I have just installed a new router on my network. An Asus RT-AC86U.

    Now I have big issues getting the telemetry data to the RS Dash app on my iPad.
    If I set the UDP transmission rate to anything lower than 8, the router will have huge issues, and the data will delayed up to 3 minutes before the data is displayed in the app. And even with the transmission rate set to 8, it still struggles.

    Before I had an old Apple Airport Extreme, and here I could have it set to 3 without any issues at all.

    So something must be up with the Asus router and UDP packages. But I cannot seem to figure out what.
    I have tried to disable dos detection, and AiProtection (which includes ddos, network spamming etc). I have also tried to enable UPNP instead of using port forwarding for my xbox, but nothing seems to help.
    There must be something I can adjust on the router to make it work better, but I simply cannot figure out what. I do no believe that a router with focus on gaming can be outperformed by a very old Airport Extreme.

    My Xbox one X is connected to the router via cable and my iPad is on 5Ghz Wifi.

    Anybody out there that has good ideas on what I can try to adjust on the router?


    EDIT: At transmission rate 8 it may not be struggling. It is probably the slow transmission rate that causes the update lag.
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