Was having some lockdown fun running a formula A vs ginetta g40 multiclass. Ran twice, once as FA and once as g40. Noticed a big difference between when I started lapping cars as to when I was lapped, so I did a test, and then took the test a bit farther.

These are lap times from lap 2, so first flying lap. I drove at the back of my class to not affect lap times. Same exact coniditons at Spa.

* class will be the car I was driving. These are leaders times not mine.

*FA 2:06.080
G40 3:08.557
FA lapped g40 on FA lap 3, g40 lap 2

FA 2:27.680
*g40 3:08.160
Not lapped. FA still half a lap back.

*LMP1H 2:02.000
LMP2 2:08.240
GTE 2:16.680

LMP1H 2:05.420
*LMP2 2:11.921
GTE 2:17.459

LMP1H 2:02.420
LMP2 2:10.918
*GTE 2:19.200