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Thread: Car dashboard MAP ABS & TC PS4

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    Car dashboard MAP ABS & TC PS4


    Had the game a few weeks now, I was playing the map & TC setting via the in-car management & noticed that the dash board number for MAP & TC don't change.(AMG GT3) I was trying to save fuel & reduce the TC.
    Is that something I did wrong or the programmer being lazy & not connecting the MAP & TC on the dashboard with the settings in car.
    So I guess we can't actually trust the numbers on the car dash.

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    Hello there,
    from my experience the TC, ABS, engine maps,... on the dash do not seem to change, no matter the setting you have chosen for them. This is completely normal. My guess is that SMS just could not be bothered to implement them for every car, which is understandable, because IRL every car has their different e.g. engine map settings that correspond to different settings. So (in a hypothetical example) a Porsche might have the engine map '8', which is its fastest engine map, while a Mercedes might have an engine map '8' too, but in that car it is the lowest (leanest) engine map (all hypothetical, I have no idea about the IRL numbers).

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